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Send me a show/fandom and ill answer - 

Top 5 favourite characters:
Other characters you like:
Least favourite character:
Favourite friendship:
Favourite family:
Favourite episode:
Favourite season/book/movie:
Favourite quote:
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest:
When it really disappointed you:
Saddest moment:
Most well done character death:
Favourite guest star:
Favourite cast member:
Character you wish was still alive:
One thing you hope really happens:
Most shocking twist:
When did you start watching/reading:
Trope you wish they would stop using:
One thing this show/book/film does better than others:
Funniest moments:
Couple you would like to see:
Actor/Actress you want to join the cast:
Most boring plotline:
Best flashback/flashfoward if any:
Most layered character:
Scariest moment:
Grossest moment:
Best looking male:
Best looking female:
Who you’re crushing on (if any):
Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise):
Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you:
At what point did you fall in love with this show/book:

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when your gf writes you a sweet message on your bathroom mirror <3


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the game:

the fandom:

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